Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love technology...

During my life I have come to know that one of my passions is technology, I really love technology. It allows me to do so many wonderful activities. Even though I don't have the money to do all the cool things I would like to in our home, I am constantly planning and slowly building a fully connected home. This past Christmas I became a Mac user and I haven't looked back. Actually, I cant remember the last time I logged into windows at home. I am very happy. For all of you Apple haters out there, I just want to say you are definitely missing out!

When I got my Compliance job in 2005 I bought a nice PDA that was top of the line, not six months after pretty much the entire PDA market crashed because of the rise of smart phones and my HP PDA became obsolete. The Blackberry became the phone of choice. I have held off on purchasing one because I am not a fan of their designs. Then Apple made the iPhone! What a glorious piece of technology. I have been with tmobile since they were VoiceStream Wireless and I am very loyal, but every day time I get to see the iPhone I get weak in the knees. I am seriously thinking of switching carriers. It's just that cool!

I love being so connected to all of my technology and I love interacting with it in new ways. Internet tv and watching movies through my computer is AWESOME!! Everyone should be watching hulu.com. Let me know if you see any cool new technologies!

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