Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I really feel that weekends go by way too fast. Actually, did we even have a weekend. I'm not even sure if Easter happened.

Speaking of Easter I was thinking about past Easter holidays in my life and remembered one specific Easter spent in Arizona. Before my Aunt and Uncle moved back to Utah, we would go and visit them a couple of times a year. This particular Easter I had to be about 15 or so years old. My mom finally tired of hiding real eggs, because inevitably one wouldn't be found and the smell would be left for us to enjoy weeks after Easter. She and my aunt used plastic eggs and hid all sorts of candy and other prizes in them. Not really wanting to participate in the hunt I was told that some of the eggs concealed cash. Since I was the oldest I knew I would have an advantage at finding the eggs with cash in them. As we started the hunt I started to find the biggest eggs I could find. My thinking was the bigger the egg, the more cash. I pretty much cleaned house with the large eggs. When the hunt was done and I was able to check my spoils ( I really thought I hit the jackpot) not one of my eggs had any cash, but my younger cousins and sister who had found all the small eggs that I passed over all had cash in them. I got nothing...okay I did get candy. I was still super ticked! That's pretty much how I remember it. The moral of the story... dollar bills can be folded up really small.

On another not we had the opportunity to be invited to the Draper temple to see Parker sealed to his parents Cole & Kayla. That was a neat experience. Parker looked like a stud. He had a little white tux that was awesome. He had all the ladies surrounding him... okay his mom and aunts, but I'm pretty sure all the temple workers thought he was cute too.

I think one day I would like to live in Draper. Well that is enough typing for one day. I cant wait for the semester to be done.

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